Connecting Households and Health

Addressing social determinants of health to reduce your clinical costs

Analytics to create a plan- or provider-specific census

  • Track and monitor your high-risk population
  • Identify social benefits and members’ eligibility
  • Measure results and quantify program outcomes.

Utilize social programs to control socio-economic health disparities

  • Low income does not have to mean high cost
  • Offer members housing, food, and childcare security
  • Use dashboards to review engagement and outcomes

Lower ED recidivism by promoting household stability

  • Connect members with benefits that promote long-term wellness
  • Discover to-the-dollar eligibility for up to 18 federal, state and local benefits
  • Find local social programs and supports


A potentially high-cost community likely to benefit most from social services


To-the-dollar at a member level for up to 18 federal, state and local benefits


With the member in a timely and effective way that’s traceable


Progress, status, and outcomes for your member community

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Products for Your Members’ Social Needs

A range of products offering critical information, tools, modern technology and data to address basic household needs.

Use our CRM to track eligibility and member interaction

  • Bedside screening for social benefits available upon discharge
  • Determine coordination of care prior to Medicaid enrollment

API to send data and receive detailed benefit results

  • Use our API to seamlessly send data and receive a detailed response report
  • No setup, install or configuration of new software required

Real-time eligibility response for up to 18 federal, state and local benefits

  • Web-based, mobile phone, and tablet friendly technology
  • We securely host and store information so your IT team does not have to

Analytics for a plan-specific member census

  • Identify, track and monitor your population and determine their specific needs
  • Measure results and track outcomes to see which programs are most effective and which communities benefit the most

Our Virtual Assistant manages workflow with timely alerts

  • Help members identify supports they may not be taking advantage of, like a subsidy to pay their electric bill
  • Follow up without expensive, in-person updates

Let members do it themselves with our mobile and desktop benefit screener

  • Members can walk through the questionnaire to get eligibility results in 10 minutes
  • Health Plans and Providers can track results via our CRM or nightly data reports

In ten minutes a head of household can learn about potential eligibility, to the dollar, for up to eighteen federal, state and local benefits

  • Quick screening for member benefit eligibility
  • Offer web- and mobile-based guidance for enrollment into social programs
  • Traceability from initial screening through benefit acquisition


Try it today:

Thousands of dollars in benefits identified for a single parent of two earning minimum wage
% fewer ED visits Hospitals see if they address SDOH
Million Americans who are uninsured
Years that we help to increase a person's life-span

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We’ve been building caseworker and member screening tools for 15 years. Here are some of our amazing partners

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